Eli Gershkovitch; A Successful Entrepreneur and CEO of Steamworks Brewery

Most countries in different parts of the world prefer beer over other alcoholic drinks like wine and spirit. This was the prime reason why Eli Gershkovitsh thought of venturing into the liquor business. Gershkovitch is a prominent and successful entrepreneur, a lawyer and a pilot based in Canada. He is the chief executive officer, president, and founder of Steamworks Brewery Company (http://www.calgaryherald.com/Steamworks+owner+Gershkovitch+awarded+registered+trademark+Cascadia+2006+after+seven+year+dispute+with+Granville+Island+Brewing/7612614/story.html). He started as a small entrepreneur by opening a small pub in Gastown. As a business minded person, he thought of expanding and transforming his business to a considerable venture and founded Steamworks brewery.


He has managed to keep his company on the cutting edge by ensuring production of quality but affordable products. The company has grown leading to the opening of several restaurants and pub branches in Vancouver which have also become popular. All its branches serve Steamworks craft beers. When Eli started the company, it had 184 seats only but managed to grow it to 754 seats. Its large size has attracted both residents and tourist to the area.


The steam brewery was the first and the only steam-powered brewing company in Canada. The entrepreneur has made it possible for his clients to have a variety of concoctions of their choice (IMBd). Some of its most sold beers include; Nectarous, La fin du monde, Peche Mortel and many more.


He is the sole owner of the business, thus giving him freedom and full control of all the profits in the company. The craft brewers have a unique and advanced way of packing their products in aluminum cans which are convenient and eco-friendly.


The firm’s future is bright owing to the tremendous growth it has had under Eli. He has used his law degree by practicing legal works under the liquor licenses and other legal practices involving the company which helped in the protection of his brewery company.


Eli was recognized as one of the top contenders in the Open Beer Championship in the United States of America. Over the years, Eli has worked towards producing the best and quality brew by perfecting the products before bringing it to the public. Apart from managing his company, Eli is a certified pilot, and he received his pilot license in 1993. He obtained his wings in 2009, after he flew from Vancouver to Europe and back.