One of Brazil Greatest Minds, Jorge Neval Moll Filho.

With courage and a prodigious business mind, Jorge Moll is now one the richest people in Brazil. He saw gaps in the healthcare industry and took a step of investing in the sector. Moll is a strong supporter of the use of technology in medicine. Treatments can be directed using computers and complex surgical procedures can be made accurate with the help of technology. The technology and advancements in research can be extended to reality with the help of technology.

Technology in medicine will be applied during treatment and increased use shall make the patients get used to it. In his articles, he writes that a doctor who came from the USA, Albert Chan came into the country to promote the integration of technology in medicine.

Jorge is an expert in cardiology and business and he has used the two professions to make a fortune. He had a small scale examination firm that added qualifications for the doctors in Brazil and after a while, he extended to building private hospitals in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

He stated in his article that during the 1970’s and 1980’s, the level of healthcare provision in the city was excellent. Public hospitals were new and enough but afterward, they deteriorated and became congested with the increasing population. His investments transformed the sector within a short time.

While looking for stability and balancing his ambitions, he borrowed loans and had debts. With the bad economy then, he had to do more than just paying loans. To attract patients he had to come up with new coverage. Jorge created a cheap way of getting the maximum out of the health insurance. Total Health Management Model made a relief and helped companies comprehend how they can fund all disease.

Jorge Moll stresses that the people who are responsible for bringing out the excellence in health, are hospital directors who need to manage all sections in the hospitals well ( Investment among the citizens needs to be encouraged by the government so that people can have employment and earn a living while adding the country’s GDP with the economy doing well.