Philanthropic activities of Glen Wakeman

Just recently, Puerto Rico experienced a very devastating hurricane season. The country was also still suffering from an economic crisis. It is reported that the island saw approximately one million residents stay in a blackout after the electricity was clipped the strong Hurricane Irma which occurred on September 7th. Although electricity was restored to the majority of people, approximately 60,000 individuals were left without power after the Island was hit by the devastating Hurricane Maria. This Hurricane was described as one of the worst to have hit Puerto Rico and was classified as category five storms ( The Hurricane Maria came with approximately 30 hours of heavy rain and winds which were more than 155 mph. It is also reported that the storm destroyed the energy f the island as well as the transportation infrastructure. It demolished roads, homes, and everything that came on its way. The total damages caused by the storm are estimated to be around $90 billion.

One of the organizations that came around to help after the hurricane was the American Red Cross. Founded in the year 1881, the organization is committed to preventing and alleviating human suffering in times of emergencies. This is done by mobilizing the strength of volunteers as well as the generosity of donors. After the Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, the Red Cross immediately went into action together with corporate, federal and also community partners (PhillyPurge). Those in need were offered relief supplies such as water, cleanup kits, food, hand sanitizers, insect repellants, home repair kits and work gloves among others.

One man who was in the forefront when it came to offering disaster relief in Puerto Rico was Glen Wakeman. He championed for donors and organizations to come out and offer any assistance to the affected individuals. Glen Wakeman is a man who has many titles under his name. He is an established entrepreneur, global business executive, mentor and also an investor. The mission of Glen Wakeman in his career is to educate other CEO on how they can manage their companies better. He is also a devoted philanthropist and understands the importance of helping the community where he comes from. Just recently, Glen offered $1,000 worth of contribution to the American Red Cross. This was so as to assist the affected victims of the Hurricane Irma which hit the Island of Puerto Rico.