The Ambitious Education Agenda of Betsy DeVos

As the head of the United States Department of Education, Betsy DeVos is constantly in the headlines as the United States decides how to improve its education system. Three decades ago, there was no better education system in the world than the one found in America, but our rank has slowly sunk to the middle of the pack. Betsy DeVos is committed to seeing that this trend turns around for all children regardless of their ethnicity or their economic level.


Parents’ Right to Choose School for Their Chidren


A graduate of a private high school and college, DeVos strongly supports the rights of parents to choose the school that their child will attend. When DeVos published her goals in the Federal Register during October 2017, she named freedom of parents to choose a high-quality education meeting their child’s needs as the department’s top priority. She tried to encourage Congress to support over $400 million in state funding for free choice.


Better Value for Taxpayer Money in Education


The second priority is to improve student outcomes allowing taxpayers to receive a better return on the money invested in the system. She strongly believes that each child is a unique gift that should be cherished whether they have a special need or are highly talented. In her first six months in office, she sent several states back to the drawing board saying that their plans to improve education within their state was not ambitious enough. For example, Delaware wanted to improve student outcomes by three percent annually, but DeVos sent the plan back to them saying it was not ambitious enough.


Affordable Paths to Obtaining Knowledge


According to the plan published in the Federal Register, DeVos also wants to position education in America on a more flexible and affordable path to obtaining knowledge and skills. Along with her husband Dick DeVos, she has been a champion of opening an academy for students who are interested in aviation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 600 students attending this school have the opportunity to earn their high school degree along with getting certified as pilots. It is Betsy DeVos’ agenda that every child has a way to make a living before they graduate from high school. In order to accomplish this ambitious goal, Betsy would like to see all schools put a special emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math along with teaching every student computer science.


It was plain from the opening days, however, that Betsy DeVos is prepared to be a team player. She is going to follow the lead of President Trump, even when she may secretly think that he is wrong. Learn more:

Shafik Sachedina Great Leader For Sussex Health

Sussex Health Care has been in business since the late 90s. Sussex Health care is an excellent care home that provides many different types of unique and diverse care to their patients. Sussex Health Care strives to give and serve all of their patients equally while giving them a great experience, making them feel completely at home. Sussex Health Care has been accredited by Health Quality Services. Sussex Health Care is special because they are an independent care home that provides some of the best nursing care to their patients. The Chairman of the company is Shafik Sachedina. Over the years Shafik Sachedina has been doing an outstanding job making sure that Sussex Health Care continue on their journey to being the best.

Shafik Sachedina is a medical professional himself. In 1975, he graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School University which is located in London. During dental school, Shafik Sachedina was a very good student and he was always interesting in becoming an entrepreneur. After Shafik Sachedina graduated school, he began to practice in his field of dentistry. Even as of today, Shafik Sachedina’s license is still active and he is still practicing in his field.

Over the years he has been very active in his community and in his field of work as well. Shafik Sachedina really believes in giving back and in volunteer work. He has volunteered for many different organizations and events over the years to keep his beliefs alive.

Shafik Sachedina also believes in receiving great learning techniques and education. Shafik Sachedina keeps up with this belief by making sure that his employees receive constant training. The medical field is not like most career paths. Science and technology is constantly changing. For this reason, Shafik Sachedina makes sure that his employees go through different training and seminars so that they are able to give their patients the best care. Shafik Sachedina’s techniques have been proven to work because throughout their time of being open, they have won several awards. That is a big deal, since the company is independently ran. Overall, Shafik Sachedina is a great leader.


Adam Milstein, the Chairman of the Board at the Israeli American Council, is an exceptional individual with an enormous capacity for generosity. The majority of Adam Milstein’s life has been dedicated to spreading positivity and inclusivity, an end goal that has been handily executed upon. Milstein’s career is one padded with success, even from its very beginning. Having been born in Israel, Milstein served in the Israeli army with pride. Milstein’s service was extensive, having most notably served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. While the experience was as taxing as it was harrowing, Milstein persevered. And through that perseverance, Milstein found incredible success.

Afer his service, Adam Milstein came to the United States. A self-described patriot and believer in the American Dream, Milstein went to work straight off the boat. After graduating with an MBA in real estate investment from USC, Milstein found immediate success. After a long tenure as an exceptional real estate investor, Milstein garnered enormous amounts of wealth and clout. Milstein used this to make a name for himself in several other fields. The most notable among these other ventures was philanthropy; Adam Milstein says his true passion is humanitarian work.

Milstein has created several avenues through which he undergoes philanthropic undertakings. Standouts include the American Israel Education Foundation, StandWithUs, Hillel, Hasbara Fellowships, and Christians United for Israel. The common theme throughout these organizations is crafting lasting, positive relationships between Israeli-Americans and other cultures. This goal is without question Milstein’s true passion, as it has ingrained itself into nearly every one of his philanthropic ventures. Milstein’s dream is to craft a world in which the American Youth is empathetic to the struggles of the Israeli people. And with this newfound empathy, Milstein hopes that lasting, positive relationships can be cultivated. Ultimately, Adam Milstein’s true ambition is to foster the next generation of similarly passionate individuals. In doing this, Milstein hopes that the future will be brighter for future generations of Israeli-Americans.

How Aloha Construction Helps Homeowners In Illinois And Wisconsin

In the state of Illinois there is a family-owned and operated business in the construction industry called Aloha Construction, Inc. They offer their services throughout the entire state as well as southern Wisconsin. Their main office is in Lake Zurich and they have another office they opened a few years ago in Bloomington. The new location has been very successful and now both of them do about the same number of projects each year.

The president and chief executive officer of this company is David A. Farbaky. He says that he and his staff were really excited to have done 7000 projects by 2013. Just four years later they have now completed more than 20,000 projects. They get good word of mouth from the homeowners they do their work for, getting the jobs done correctly and on time.

There are four key areas that Aloha Construction is involved in when it comes to homes. They do roofs, gutters, siding, and windows. They can both perform repairs and do complete replacements. They are a general contractor and it is their own employees that perform all of the work. The part of the year they are busiest is during the storm season when many people experience damage to their homes due to the punishing wind and rain that Illinois and Wisconsin are known for.

When doing roof work the team at Aloha Construction uses experienced roofers. They carefully replace damaged shingles and flashing while also making sure that the home’s attic is properly ventilated. They are also very experienced with all forms of gutter systems. When it comes to siding they have experience working with all of the materials that are used such as stucco, wood, brick, vinyl, and so on.

Recently Aloha Construction has expanded what they offer to include remodeling projects. They hired several people who have years of experience doing home remodeling projects for homeowners. Whether it’s the basement, kitchen, bath, or another area of the home they can modernize the room so that it looks and feels better, and Aloha on Facebook.

Ronald Fowlkes and Sophisticated Tactical Gear

Ronald Fowlkes is a professional who is a big part of the success of Eagle Industries Unlimited located in Fenton in Missouri. Eagle Industries Unlimited is a prominent company that focuses on first-rate tactical gear that spans many diverse categories. Fowlkes has been a major figure on the Eagle Industries Unlimited staff for roughly a decade so far. He’s worked for the firm since the summer of 2008. His commitment to doing well for Eagle Industries Unlimited only grows stronger by the day, too. This manufacturing business has been in operations since the middle of the seventies. It was launched in 1974 and has since then worked hard to put together a reputable public image. Customers all over the United States trust Eagles Industries Unlimited to accommodate all of their tactical gear requirements and beyond. They trust the company thanks to the assistance of hard-working, reliable and capable team members such as Ronald Fowlkes.


Fowlkes handles a lot of comprehensive training work for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He knows the ins and outs of operational nylon gear, first and foremost. He knows many details that involve tactical operations and any and all vital supplies and tools. Eagle Industries Unlimited manufactures 5,000 plus products in total, interestingly enough. Some examples of the items Eagle Industries Unlimited produces are load-bearing devices, tactical assault vests, individual gear carriers, holsters and even weapon transportation gear. The company’s customer base is expansive and diverse. It includes United States law enforcement organizations and military groups. The firm doesn’t only cater to customers that are based in the United States, either. That’s because it also boasts an impressive international presence. About 2,300 different people make up the Eagle Industries Unlimited team.


Ronald Fowlkes is a dedicated Eagle Industries Unlimited staff member. People affectionately call him “Ronnie.” He concentrates on commercial and law enforcement products that cover many categories. He’s a seasoned Business Development Manager who knows so much about commercial and law enforcement offerings. Fowlkes is in charge of communicating with clients who are in all different parts of the United States. Production education is among his biggest duties as well. He educates more than 150 adept sales representatives who work for Eagle Industries Unlimited. The company trusts Fowlkes to take on product selection needs. He has a talent for picking out products that are ideal for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s objectives and wishes. He knows how to pick out products that are optimal for all customers’ aims, too. He puts his attention on sale and development product selection matters.


Fowlkes has handled so many diverse and interesting jobs throughout his life. He used to work for the Metropolitan Police Department located in vibrant and energetic St. Louis, Missouri.


Daniel Taub Admits to His Stunning Success

Daniel Taub was widely regarded as one of the most successful and one of the most popular Israeli ambassadors to the United Kingdom. In fact, the Jewish Chronicle said that he was the most successful and the most popular ambassador since Shlomo Argov, who was the envoy decades ago, in the 1970s. Daniel Taub is a learned man. He comes from Britain himself, so he is well versed in the ways of both countries. He has the mannerisms that would please anyone who meets him and make them smile.


Daniel Taub is a humble and self effacing man, and he insists that you call him simply by his first name, Daniel. Daniel does admit, however, that he has achieved a lot during his time as the ambassador, and that relations between the two countries have greatly improved because of his hard work, his skills, his talents, and his superb leadership.


Daniel Taub recently held an interview, as featured in the Huffington Post, where he explained his viewpoints on various issues that were going on in the world at the time. He shared his insights and his thoughtful ideas of how the world can be improved.


Daniel Taub explained that it is true that a lot more can be done to improve relations between the two countries, and that there is a lot more work that needs to be done. However, he said that when he thinks back to his goals when he was just starting out, he realizes that he has exceeded his expectations and that he has achieved a lot more than what he set out to do. He explains that it is because he was willing to push the limits of his capabilities. He was willing to forge ahead in order to create more relationships. He was able to open up centers in places in England that he didn’t think were possible. He was able to reach sectors of British society that he thought he could never be able to reach.


Daniel Taub explained that you are what you read. He says that he always tries to read books that are related to what he is doing, because it broadens his knowledge and helps him understand things in various ways that he did not understand before.


Daniel Taub is the former ambassador from Israel to the United Kingdom. He was born in the UK and immigrated to Israel.

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Leading By Example: Aloha Construction

Home is where the heart is for most logical people. These dwellings provide safety, shelter, security and relaxation from the outside world. Your home just so happens to be a true reflection of yourself, but what happens when your home is in need of repair? This is where Aloha Construction comes into the picture as it offers a variety of premium home improvement services. This company has its main office in Zurich, Illinois, and it has a separate office in Bloomington, Illinois. The addition of the second office handles more of Southern Illinois’ home repair services.

Aloha Construction has the capability to work on a number of home repair services like chimney repair, door installation, window fascia repair, window installation, roof cleaning, roof installation, bathroom repair, kitchen design, stucco installation, attic ventilation, vinyl siding repair, cedar siding installation and numerous others. The company has been around since 2008, and it has an estimated 250 employees. Extensive and thorough training is what this staff of experts goes through before working on any projects. This is designed to provide reassurance for homeowners as well as to maintain a great resume for the company itself. If you’re in the immediate area, and you’re thinking about making some changes to your home, then you should definitely choose Aloha Construction. The Lake Zurich-based business will go as far as to homeowners a free property inspection. This family-owned business has done over 18,000 home improvement jobs to date, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Its coverage area consists of Southern Wisconsin and every square-mile of the state of Illinois. Some of the most prominent regions receive services such as Cook County, DuPage County and McHenry County. Being able to cover such a large statistical area is one great thing that sets this company apart from the rest. Aloha Construction is in a class of its own, and it’s definitely leading by example, and their Facebook.

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