The Ambitious Education Agenda of Betsy DeVos

As the head of the United States Department of Education, Betsy DeVos is constantly in the headlines as the United States decides how to improve its education system. Three decades ago, there was no better education system in the world than the one found in America, but our rank has slowly sunk to the middle of the pack. Betsy DeVos is committed to seeing that this trend turns around for all children regardless of their ethnicity or their economic level.


Parents’ Right to Choose School for Their Chidren


A graduate of a private high school and college, DeVos strongly supports the rights of parents to choose the school that their child will attend. When DeVos published her goals in the Federal Register during October 2017, she named freedom of parents to choose a high-quality education meeting their child’s needs as the department’s top priority. She tried to encourage Congress to support over $400 million in state funding for free choice.


Better Value for Taxpayer Money in Education


The second priority is to improve student outcomes allowing taxpayers to receive a better return on the money invested in the system. She strongly believes that each child is a unique gift that should be cherished whether they have a special need or are highly talented. In her first six months in office, she sent several states back to the drawing board saying that their plans to improve education within their state was not ambitious enough. For example, Delaware wanted to improve student outcomes by three percent annually, but DeVos sent the plan back to them saying it was not ambitious enough.


Affordable Paths to Obtaining Knowledge


According to the plan published in the Federal Register, DeVos also wants to position education in America on a more flexible and affordable path to obtaining knowledge and skills. Along with her husband Dick DeVos, she has been a champion of opening an academy for students who are interested in aviation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 600 students attending this school have the opportunity to earn their high school degree along with getting certified as pilots. It is Betsy DeVos’ agenda that every child has a way to make a living before they graduate from high school. In order to accomplish this ambitious goal, Betsy would like to see all schools put a special emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math along with teaching every student computer science.


It was plain from the opening days, however, that Betsy DeVos is prepared to be a team player. She is going to follow the lead of President Trump, even when she may secretly think that he is wrong. Learn more:

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