Hussain Sajwani’s next step

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO and chairman of the board of the DAMAC group of companies. Today, DAMAC is known mostly for the luxurious apartments it builds and its impressive marketing gimmicks such as buy one apartment get a Bentley free. Few people actually know where DAMAC’s success actually started.


Before getting into real estate, the DAMAC group only did food services. They worked with the American government to deliver food to their soldiers at the war front. While doing this food business, he learnt the one thing that sets him apart from other business men; the importance of having high powerd friends on an international scale.


What you do with the opportunities that are presented to you will either make you win or lose. When Hussain Sajwani learnt about the new policy that allowed foreigners to acquire property in the emirates, he saw a business venture. He knew the wealthy will be looking to own at least an apartment in the emirates. He therefore bought land and built luxury apartments on it. His hunch was not wrong. For his first construction, the apartments were sold out six months before the construction begun! This was only the beginning his success in the real estate business.


Hussain Sajwani has plans to take the DAMAC group even further in business. Considering the strong foundation he laid for the business in its early stage, a merger between his company and Donald Trump’s company will propel them miles forward. He recently expressed his interest in signing a deal with Trump’s company to build a world class golf course. The golf course which will be designed by tiger woods is meant to be one of its kind and is hoped to fetch the owners millions at worst.


However, some Americans have expressed concerns over their president’s loyalty if the business deal goes through. Who will he be loyal to? His multibillion deal or the state he now leads? The DAMAC owner in response to this concern, said that his relationship with the Tumps go beyond business. His wife and Ivanka ate friends who spend a lot of time together. This has seen the two families travel back and forth to have dinners and celebrate life together. Therefore, regardless of President Trump’s vow to keep off any business deals during his time as president if the US, the deal will still go on. With the children in charge, all the signatures, meetings and decisions will be handled by them. Therefore the deal has no effect on the US presidency.


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Jeremy Goldstein Weighs in on EPS

Everyone likes to get ahead and think of themselves as winners in the game of life, and this is especially true when it comes to how much they get out of their time spent in service with the company that keeps them. And presumably, employers want as well as need to keep the members of their teams happy and well compensated. To this end, there are a number of ways for employers to add benefits to wages that already sustain happy lifestyles. These may include but are not limited to offering health insurance packages and other good things like EPS, which stands for Earnings Per Share.


As with everything in the business of free enterprise concerning trade and commerce, there is certain amount of risk involved with the give and take of supply and demand. Jeremy Goldstein has advice and insights on how to make this option work for all parties involved. This idea provides fair and balanced rewards for those who are not afraid to dedicate their time and effort to making a company and themselves better than they were the day before. He has his finger on the pulse of law as it pertains to business, due to his experiences with establishments such as Goldman Sachs, Verizon and Bank of America. So, he knows just a thing or two about the subject of performance based pay scales.


The first thing that Jeremy Goldstein wants anyone who has an interest in EPS to know is that, for the most part, this kind of paying out is a good thing. It has a direct effect on the chance of a stock being bought by shareholders. But it does more than that. It provides companies and corporations a reason to pay their employees more money and reward them better than with just a check every pay cycle. As an icing on the cake, there are studies that support the idea that these types of programs and packages actually help to make a business more successful, if not more productive at least.


However, there are also naysayers of EPS who point to the fact that they can be often look like a short term solution but in fact can be used as a double-edged sword. That is because they can be used as a vehicle for favoritism in the work place. But, Jeremy Goldstein sees them as a way of keeping leaders accountable for their actions, and he understands that EPS keep if sort of power in the hands of the people, so to speak.


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