Betsy DeVos a Philanthropist, Politician and Business Woman with a Heart of Giving

Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education in the United States, is a renowned philanthropists and politician who hails from the state of Michigan. Betsy developed a passion for philanthropy because she comes from a family of philanthropists. Her parents founded the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation. Betsy continued with her philanthropic works even after being married to Dick DeVos. Together the two established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which has turned out to be one of the world’s largest foundations that are involved in a wide range of philanthropic works and has donated billions of dollars towards charitable causes. The DeVos’s has made giving part of their culture, and their children have also started emulating their parents. In 2009 Rick DeVos her son founded ArtPrize which is an international art competition that is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A larger Portion of the ArtPrize budget is funded by Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation lifetime contribution are estimated to be over 130 million dollars. The foundation has made donations towards charitable causes mostly in the education sector and religious sector. The Foundation was listed at position 24 on the Forbes list of America’s Top Givers.

Dick and Betsy DeVos being conservatives and staunch Christians have directed most of their foundation’s resources towards areas and institutions that hold similar beliefs as theirs. Just recently the Foundation donated 750, 000 dollars to the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Besides, the Foundation has largely contributed to several institutions that help advance the views of conservative students across the country. Betsy DeVos has been involved in a couple of charitable activities in her hometown Michigan and among them; she donated over 200,000 dollars to two Christian schools which are under The Potters House. The funds were to help support the needy children from low income families get the best quality of Christian education.

The larger chunk of DeVos Foundation Donations has gone towards Christian organizations while the rest has been distributed to hospitals, health research, and arts organizations among others.

DeVos besides giving has also served in a couple of charitable organizations such as the Action Institute where she served as a Board Member and Treasurer. DeVos in 2004 was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts a position he held until 2010. DeVos together with her husband donated 22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center in 2010.


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Philanthropist Adam Milstein and his Successful Hager Pacific Properties Firm

Adam Milstein is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific properties, and he is responsible for the finance,disposal, and management of properties in the firm. Adam was initially from Israel and served in Yom Kippur war after which he went to Technion and graduated in 1978.Heis an MBA finalist from the University of South Carolina, and more information click here.

Adam is a philanthropist who is passionate about the strengthening the Jewish people in USA and Israel. Adam is married to Gila, and they have three children. The two have founded the Adam and Gila foundation which serves to educate the young generation on issues facing the Israel and the Jews at Large. The foundation supports different kind of organizations including health medical, policy and research organizations, stateof Israel and support,youth and young professional engagement among others. The organizations include Bizrael, EMET, American Society for YadVashemInc, Foundation for Défense democracies among others.

Adam sits on boards of several firms like Israel on campus coalition,stand with us,Hasbara among others, and he is also the National Chairman of Israel -American council. Adam Milstein says the idea of Hager Pacific came after a successful stint as a real estate commercial broker. Adam felt he had the experience to go out on his and that’s how Pacific began. Through an interview,Adam Milstein says his typical day is not defined as his firm is still young,but believes that being philanthropic daily makes each day more fulfilling. He advises for ideas to come to life you must consistently push and follow up on plans daily. Adam says the real estate up and down make the industry alluring. The fact that demand is always higher than supply makes the industry exciting, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Adam advises that the one trait that entrepreneurs should have to make them more productive is follow up, persistence and being consistent. They should seek to understand issues their business is facing themselves without relying on other people. Adam says that he is in the right industry and would not want to change where he is and believes in doing the best other than setting specific goals as they are limiting. He also advises on consistently following up on each business lead, and

Avaaz; the most significant internet activists’ movement that is changing the world

The Guardian once referred to Avaaz as the largest internet activist organization. The online movement was established in 2007 in New York. The activist movement focuses on promoting global activism to fight against the vices that are done to the people and the environments that they live in. The Avaaz movements champion for issues such as climate change, human and animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict that is either politically or economically instigated.

The movement has a huge following by people from all walks of life. They include activists, normal citizens, politicians and even decision makers. The main of the movement is to ensure that they become the voice of the voiceless in the society and that the views of everyone are considered when making important decisions.

As a way of remaining true to their cause, the movement doesn’t accept large donations from corporations that may want to push their agendas through the movement. Instead, the Avaaz movement relies on the contributions made by the members.

The name Avaaz was chosen since it means voice in various languages. The name Avaaz suits the ultimate goal of the movement, which is to be a voice for the neglected people in the society. Avaaz movement utilizes the power of modern technology to reach to other like-minded people across the globe. Before the birth of Avaaz movement, it took years for international activist groups to form a formidable force that would make a significant difference. Right now, the movement can organize protests directly from their devices.

Unlike most of other international activist groups, Avaaz movement has a central team that focuses on matters that are of public concern. As a result of their central organization, demonstrations are easy to organize and to follow on their social platforms such as Twitter. Avaaz is running campaigns in fifteen different languages. They are present in six different continents so there’s a possibility that you can find a campaign near you.

Fabletics Kate Hudson Takes the Brand Towards Success Through Innovation and Technology

People are brand and market conscious these days and know which brands are doing well and provide better value for money in comparison to others. It is because the people have the liberty to offer their reviews on the internet that are available for all to see. Customers these days can provide their reviews and feedback about a particular brand, product, or services after each purchase that makes it easier for other customers to judge whether the product they are buying is worth their time and money.


Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was inaugurated in the year 2013 with the aim to provide quality athleisure products at an affordable price. At the time Fabletics entered the market, there were many other brands already existing in the market. However, most of the brands that provided athleisure products offered it at a high price, which made it difficult for the people to afford them.


Fabletics aimed at bridging the price difference in the athleisure niche and make buying athleisure wear affordable for all. Even though it is a relatively young company, it managed to take its annual sales to over $250 million in just a few years, and also make retail e-commerce giants like Amazon rethink their marketing strategy. The reason behind the company’s massive success is that it embraced the reviews and feedback of the customers to know what they are looking for. It helped the company to provide the end users what they wanted at the price that didn’t pinch them.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the co-founders and co-owners of Fabletics also used the technology to analyze the sales metrics to provide better and more accurate services to the target audience. They introduced the VIP membership model that helped the loyal patrons of the company to gain additional discounts and perks on the already affordable product range, making it easier for the shoppers to enjoy an active and fit lifestyle, fashionably.


Kate Hudson, one of the Hollywood celebrities with fans across the globe, is also the co-owner of Fabletics. She helps tremendously in ensuring that the designs of the Fabletics’ product range remained fresh and oriented towards the fashion trends. The association of Kate Hudson with Fabletics has helped in providing the brand that much-needed mileage to stay ahead of the competition and also assisted in making Fabletics an aspirational brand. She is engaged with the business side of the name as well as the designing part and uses technology extensively to know what is working and what isn’t, so that accurate business decision is made to increase sales and revenue.


The use of Big Data in making business and management decisions also helps in ensuring that the customers are given value for money products that align well with their preferences. Kate Hudson has assisted in getting some of the celebrities to launch their styles in the limited edition collections started by Fabletics. Customers looking to shop at Fabletics must try their Lifestyle Quiz to understand the shopping model unique to the company.

Do inmates have a right to cheap communications?

One of the most heated debates that have taken place over the last 10 years in the prison communication space has been whether or not prisoners enjoy the right to cheap communications. Many inmates, families of the incarcerated and prisoner rights groups, such as the Prison Policy Initiative, have long argued that prisoners have a right to make outgoing phone calls at reasonable rates.


Many of these arguments center around the fact that studies have shown that prisoners who are able to stay in constant communication with family members on the outside have both better outcomes inside and outside of prison. Recidivism rates for those prisoners who are allowed to maintain pro-social relationships while incarcerated are far lower than those who withdrawal into the social life of prison. Inmates who are able to maintain meaningful relationships with their family members and loved ones are also far less likely to engage in criminal activity while incarcerated, leading to much safer and more effectively run carceral institutions.


But many wardens and other prison administrators are quick to point out that there is absolutely no constitutional right to enjoy to cheap communications. In fact, legal scholars often cite the fact that there is no constitutional guarantee of any right to communication at all for the nation’s inmates, shooting a serious hole in the argument that inmates have some sort of natural right to cheap phone calls.


Nevertheless, companies like Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communication services in the United States, still recognize the validity of the arguments that prisoners who are able to maintain meaningful relationships with those on the outside are much more likely to be successful reintegrating into society upon release. It is just for this reason that Securus works tirelessly to provide cheap calling rates for inmates at the institutions in which it operates.

Getting Ready for Your Lifeline Screening

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at getting a Lifeline Screening. You may not know what to think about and what will happen. The good news is that it’s not a hard process.


Before Your Screening

There are a few things to consider when you are getting ready for your screening. The biggest thing is to think about what you are going to wear. This should be something comfortable. You also should think about what testing you are going to have. If it’s something where you will need to not eat, then you will have to keep that in mind and learn more about Life Line Screening.


While at the Screening

When you finally get to the screening, then you will want to be ready for your testing. This testing can determine if you are at risk for problems with your heart or with your sugar. These tests are normally easy to do and aren’t very painful. They consist of a blood draw and then you need to wait for the results to see what is going on. This is also a great place to ask questions if you are unsure of anything with the testing and Life Line Screenings lacrosse camp.


After the Screening

After you have done the screening, you will need to eat something and take it easy. While most of these tests are easy to do, they may still make you a little tired. If you have had to not eat before the testing, then you will want to get something to eat and take a break from anything you may have to do that day. Wait a day or two if you are not sure before doing anything that could be harder on your body and more information click here.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at lifeline screening. You should be ready to get your results and to have the testing. Be sure to ask any questions you may have and be aware of the testing that you want to have or that you need and

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George Soros Spurs the Democratic Party

According to a recent article released by Politico, the billionaire investor, and philanthropist, George Soros has reemerged as one of the most prominent backers of the Democratic Party, after having scaled back his charitable contributions over the past few years. Mr. Soros made headlines during the Presidency of George Bush, as he spent an amazing $27 million in an effort to help defeat the Republican candidate. As of late, Mr. Soros has contributed over $25 million in additional funding in order to help catapult Hilliary Clinton into the Presidency of the United States, and if the experts are correct, his contributions may continue.

While Mr. Soros planned to attend a Democratic convention featuring Hilliary Clinton for which she would accept the Democratic Presidential nomination, his first ever, he decided to cancel the trip as he felt that the economic situation in Europe needed to be closely monitored. It is said that the relationship between Mr. Soros and Hilliary Clinton has existed for the better part of the last 25 years. The political climate today has cause Mr. Soros to become more actively involved than he has in recent years, and he has been quoted as saying the Republican representative, Donald Trump, is “doing the work of ISIS.” Although Mr. Soros has consistently backed the causes of the Democratic Party as a continual contributor, he feels that the stakes this year are considerably higher than they have been in recent years. Many of the issues that Mr. Soros feels the most strongly about, particularly immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform, have been explicitly challenged by the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Mr. Soros has recently been looked at as one of Hilliary Clinton’s key backers due to his financial strength, as well as the influence he casts amongst other Democratic backers of his caliber and George’s lacrosse camp.

In 2004, Mr. Soros was a staunch opposer to the war in Iraq and sees many parallels today in regards to the political climate. During this time, Mr. Soros famously compared George Bush’s Presidency to Hitler’s regime, and his efforts today have alluded to the fact that he believes these times encompass matters equally as critical. Although Mr. Soros stated that he would not become as heavily involved in the political arena after 2004, he also believes that in these desperate times, his actions are necessary and follow his Twitter.

Based on reports given by Forbes, George Soros is worth an astonishing $25.2 billion, having his fortune through risky currency exchanges. He is a native of Hungary, having fled the country before getting his education at the London School of Economics and working at a merchant bank. He established his own hedge fund in 1969 and made waves throughout Wall Street when he shorted the British Pound in 1992 and more information click here.

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“Omar Yunes – A Remarkable Entrepreneur”

Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur who own 13 Sushi Itto franchises, which happens to consist of a Japanese food service network.

In Florence, Italy, there was a competition held on December 5, 2015, in which he won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award for the part he plays in the brand he represents. This honor brought him international accolades.

Omar acquired the Japanese food chain when he was only 21 years of age. It has now expanded to 13 franchises located in various areas, such as Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. This is approximately 10 percent of the units the network owns and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Addressing the audience during the ceremony, Mr. Yunes dedicated the award to Sushi Itto’s 400 professional employees, whose expertise resulted in developing creative, innovative and unparalleled products.

The BFW event was attended by 34 different countries from around the world, including Mexico, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Hungary. The franchisee was judged on different elements, such as how much they contributed to the network with their abilities. This would include offering employee incentives for good service, the capability of efficiency in handling cost, as well as what progress has been made to advance the network and more information click here.

Omar also won the top spot in the qualifying round in Mexico for being a major catalyst in the mutual dealings between franchisee and franchising. He was competent in organizing information and utilizing control boards for improving plans for his units.

Mr. Omar Yunes is an investor from Mexico as well as a major influencer in the food business. He has won multiple awards in the annual Best Franchisee of the World contests and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

As an entrepreneur, he has benefitted at least 400 employees through motivational communication, as well as offering a competitive salary.

In his spare time, he enjoys checking on his two favorite football teams (in U.S. its called soccer), the local Pumas and FC Barcelona and contact him.

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A Glimpse In The Life Of George Soros

Passing Time in Retirement

For the same reasons that life bores us are the same reasons for why we constantly seek out entertainment. Yet, entertainment is different for everyone. For one person, it’s easy to lose track of responsibilities if those tasks are not engaging enough. For others, it doesn’t matter because these people gauge their acts based on what’s necessary and more information click here.

A great example of this is George Soros. Mr. Soros managed to find the space and time to consider retiring, and this is what he did. He did so during a time when money was no issue and the future looked secure. For Mr. Soros, retirement could have been just a way to keep from getting bored and learn more about George Soros.

We are all humans after all, and there should always be something to keep us active. What will keep George Soros active in retirement are a “number” of things. The truth is, retirement may not be the best name for the condition of George Soros’ life. In this moment, the financial professional is busy with a lot.


Thinking Of The Numbers Again

It’s hard to completely walk away from the legacy which George Soros created. For this reason, he’s alway thinking of the financial numbers and as if he were fully trading again. And who can blame him? It’s clear that George Soros has a passion for his prior work. That work, better yet company, was left in the hands of George’s eldest son and follow his Twitter.

Which means that the potential to count the numbers all over again is immediate.

So even in the state of retirement, George Soros continues to have his hands full with things he also has a passion for. These passions go far beyond numbers and financial figures on Wall Street. George Soros is also one of the world’s leading philanthropist and will continue to be upon his deathbed.


Finishing What Was Started in Philanthropy

The closing pages of George Soros’ life has thus been dedicated to the work in giving which George started himself. From donating large sums of money across the world to creating a humanitarian foundation himself. George Soros will take retirement as an opportunity to do more work for humanity and to keep himself from experiencing boredom.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The New Hero Fighting Cancer

About 19 million people are expected to have cancer by the year 2024. This is about 5million U.S. citizens who will be affected compared to the year 2014 where 14 million patients were known. It is good we thank God due to the improvements and the rate of progress made by companies like Tempus. Tempus is advocating on the charge of this precision medicine which is data amended. This is digital technology in data collection. This aims at collecting all data about patients and at last making use of the same data to help patients.

Using analytical software, Tempus has developed a platform where molecular and clinical data of a patient is analyzed. This aims at transforming the way cancer patients are treated and take care of. The system aims at giving a streamlined way of corralling information in a useful manner.

Apart from analyzing data Tempus also aimed at changing the way data is collected and stored. There is to form progress notes which have details of patients from day one up to the end. The software was developed to process natural language and recognizes optical characters. All these technologies are meant to make a well-structured data and more information click here.

In addition to that, Tempus is on the run in fighting for the reduction of the cost of conducting human genome sequencing. The process is said to be too expensive. But with the help of Tempus, the prices are expected to be low soon. This process will help the cancer doctors in fighting it from the cellular and molecular level. This can be done by focusing on human genes that contain useful information and his Facebook.

All the above efforts are done by Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus to achieve the best results. It is believed that Eric Lefkofsky is doing this because his wife once had cancer and learn more about Eric.

September 1969 is the birthday of Eric Lefkofsky; he is a native resident of Southfield, Michigan, and graduated from the University of Michigan. He is the owner of Juris Doctor Degree. Eric Lefkofsky is one person who has achieved much in his youthful age. Apart from a core person in Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky holds high administrative positions in organizations like Art Institute of Chicago, and Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago just to mention a few.