Avaaz; the most significant internet activists’ movement that is changing the world

The Guardian once referred to Avaaz as the largest internet activist organization. The online movement was established in 2007 in New York. The activist movement focuses on promoting global activism to fight against the vices that are done to the people and the environments that they live in. The Avaaz movements champion for issues such as climate change, human and animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict that is either politically or economically instigated.

The movement has a huge following by people from all walks of life. They include activists, normal citizens, politicians and even decision makers. The main of the movement is to ensure that they become the voice of the voiceless in the society and that the views of everyone are considered when making important decisions.

As a way of remaining true to their cause, the movement doesn’t accept large donations from corporations that may want to push their agendas through the movement. Instead, the Avaaz movement relies on the contributions made by the members.

The name Avaaz was chosen since it means voice in various languages. The name Avaaz suits the ultimate goal of the movement, which is to be a voice for the neglected people in the society. Avaaz movement utilizes the power of modern technology to reach to other like-minded people across the globe. Before the birth of Avaaz movement, it took years for international activist groups to form a formidable force that would make a significant difference. Right now, the movement can organize protests directly from their devices.

Unlike most of other international activist groups, Avaaz movement has a central team that focuses on matters that are of public concern. As a result of their central organization, demonstrations are easy to organize and to follow on their social platforms such as Twitter. Avaaz is running campaigns in fifteen different languages. They are present in six different continents so there’s a possibility that you can find a campaign near you.