Adam Milstein, the Chairman of the Board at the Israeli American Council, is an exceptional individual with an enormous capacity for generosity. The majority of Adam Milstein’s life has been dedicated to spreading positivity and inclusivity, an end goal that has been handily executed upon. Milstein’s career is one padded with success, even from its very beginning. Having been born in Israel, Milstein served in the Israeli army with pride. Milstein’s service was extensive, having most notably served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. While the experience was as taxing as it was harrowing, Milstein persevered. And through that perseverance, Milstein found incredible success.

Afer his service, Adam Milstein came to the United States. A self-described patriot and believer in the American Dream, Milstein went to work straight off the boat. After graduating with an MBA in real estate investment from USC, Milstein found immediate success. After a long tenure as an exceptional real estate investor, Milstein garnered enormous amounts of wealth and clout. Milstein used this to make a name for himself in several other fields. The most notable among these other ventures was philanthropy; Adam Milstein says his true passion is humanitarian work.

Milstein has created several avenues through which he undergoes philanthropic undertakings. Standouts include the American Israel Education Foundation, StandWithUs, Hillel, Hasbara Fellowships, and Christians United for Israel. The common theme throughout these organizations is crafting lasting, positive relationships between Israeli-Americans and other cultures. This goal is without question Milstein’s true passion, as it has ingrained itself into nearly every one of his philanthropic ventures. Milstein’s dream is to craft a world in which the American Youth is empathetic to the struggles of the Israeli people. And with this newfound empathy, Milstein hopes that lasting, positive relationships can be cultivated. Ultimately, Adam Milstein’s true ambition is to foster the next generation of similarly passionate individuals. In doing this, Milstein hopes that the future will be brighter for future generations of Israeli-Americans.

Ronald Fowlkes and Sophisticated Tactical Gear

Ronald Fowlkes is a professional who is a big part of the success of Eagle Industries Unlimited located in Fenton in Missouri. Eagle Industries Unlimited is a prominent company that focuses on first-rate tactical gear that spans many diverse categories. Fowlkes has been a major figure on the Eagle Industries Unlimited staff for roughly a decade so far. He’s worked for the firm since the summer of 2008. His commitment to doing well for Eagle Industries Unlimited only grows stronger by the day, too. This manufacturing business has been in operations since the middle of the seventies. It was launched in 1974 and has since then worked hard to put together a reputable public image. Customers all over the United States trust Eagles Industries Unlimited to accommodate all of their tactical gear requirements and beyond. They trust the company thanks to the assistance of hard-working, reliable and capable team members such as Ronald Fowlkes.


Fowlkes handles a lot of comprehensive training work for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He knows the ins and outs of operational nylon gear, first and foremost. He knows many details that involve tactical operations and any and all vital supplies and tools. Eagle Industries Unlimited manufactures 5,000 plus products in total, interestingly enough. Some examples of the items Eagle Industries Unlimited produces are load-bearing devices, tactical assault vests, individual gear carriers, holsters and even weapon transportation gear. The company’s customer base is expansive and diverse. It includes United States law enforcement organizations and military groups. The firm doesn’t only cater to customers that are based in the United States, either. That’s because it also boasts an impressive international presence. About 2,300 different people make up the Eagle Industries Unlimited team.


Ronald Fowlkes is a dedicated Eagle Industries Unlimited staff member. People affectionately call him “Ronnie.” He concentrates on commercial and law enforcement products that cover many categories. He’s a seasoned Business Development Manager who knows so much about commercial and law enforcement offerings. Fowlkes is in charge of communicating with clients who are in all different parts of the United States. Production education is among his biggest duties as well. He educates more than 150 adept sales representatives who work for Eagle Industries Unlimited. The company trusts Fowlkes to take on product selection needs. He has a talent for picking out products that are ideal for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s objectives and wishes. He knows how to pick out products that are optimal for all customers’ aims, too. He puts his attention on sale and development product selection matters.


Fowlkes has handled so many diverse and interesting jobs throughout his life. He used to work for the Metropolitan Police Department located in vibrant and energetic St. Louis, Missouri.


Philanthropic activities of Glen Wakeman

Just recently, Puerto Rico experienced a very devastating hurricane season. The country was also still suffering from an economic crisis. It is reported that the island saw approximately one million residents stay in a blackout after the electricity was clipped the strong Hurricane Irma which occurred on September 7th. Although electricity was restored to the majority of people, approximately 60,000 individuals were left without power after the Island was hit by the devastating Hurricane Maria. This Hurricane was described as one of the worst to have hit Puerto Rico and was classified as category five storms ( The Hurricane Maria came with approximately 30 hours of heavy rain and winds which were more than 155 mph. It is also reported that the storm destroyed the energy f the island as well as the transportation infrastructure. It demolished roads, homes, and everything that came on its way. The total damages caused by the storm are estimated to be around $90 billion.

One of the organizations that came around to help after the hurricane was the American Red Cross. Founded in the year 1881, the organization is committed to preventing and alleviating human suffering in times of emergencies. This is done by mobilizing the strength of volunteers as well as the generosity of donors. After the Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, the Red Cross immediately went into action together with corporate, federal and also community partners (PhillyPurge). Those in need were offered relief supplies such as water, cleanup kits, food, hand sanitizers, insect repellants, home repair kits and work gloves among others.

One man who was in the forefront when it came to offering disaster relief in Puerto Rico was Glen Wakeman. He championed for donors and organizations to come out and offer any assistance to the affected individuals. Glen Wakeman is a man who has many titles under his name. He is an established entrepreneur, global business executive, mentor and also an investor. The mission of Glen Wakeman in his career is to educate other CEO on how they can manage their companies better. He is also a devoted philanthropist and understands the importance of helping the community where he comes from. Just recently, Glen offered $1,000 worth of contribution to the American Red Cross. This was so as to assist the affected victims of the Hurricane Irma which hit the Island of Puerto Rico.