The Citizens End To Special Inters Groups

Since March of 2015, a group named End Citizens United marked the dawn of a new era. With so much corruption taking place in Washington, the group felt empowered to take a stand. Moreover, the group sought to mobilize the American people with their initiative. According to most people, the outpour of support has remained praiseworthy. Not only did the organization mobilize the American people, they empowered the Democratic Party’s base. The reason behind all of this uproar stems from certain proceedings mandated by The Supreme Court. In particular, this included The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision regarding Citizens United v. F.E.C.


Due to such a decision, the organization feels as though it remains unfair. For those unaware, the decision totally altered the scope of conducting elections in America. In the aftermath of the ruling, special interest groups possessed the ability to spend as much money as they wanted during elections. Not only did the ruling give these special interest groups the ability to spend as much money as they needed, it also gave them the ability to spend it without being traced. Therefore, the money could come from anywhere. Also, the special interest groups remain free from accountability.


In addition, many of these special interest groups remain large corporations and billionaires. These groups use their wealth to influence the government. As a result, the End Citizens United became established. To be exact, March 1st, 2015 officially marked the start of their movement. Moreover, grassroots donors primarily fund them. Moreover, the organization remains committed to reversing the ruling. Also, they wish to reform the way candidates finance their elections. The main targets of the organization includes officials, voters, and candidates attempting to sway the results of elections. In addition, the organization increasingly pressured lawmakers to take action.


The mission of the organization includes combating heavy spending in politics and dismantling the polluted political system. They plan on doing this by putting worthy politicians in office. The politicians recommended by the organization will champion campaign finance reform and pass effective state ballot measures. In addition, they will work tirelessly for overturning The Supreme Court’s ruling. Therefore, it would end such monolithic spending in elections. Some of the few key areas of End Citizens United include selecting an adequate candidate, raising awareness, using the grassroots membership to showcase the political power of citizens, and things of that nature.


In fact, the organization dismantled a century’s worth of unfair laws and ultimately reduced the amount of immorality in our electoral system. As a result of the movement, they have garnered millions of dollars along with a long list of grassroots donors. In addition, the organization ushered in a new era of grassroots organizations.