How Julie Zuckerberg Helps Companies Get the Talent That They Need

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter. She currently works for the Deutsche Bank but she has worked for several other high profile banks in the past. She has made a name for herself in the banking industry and the recruiting industry because of the methods that she uses. Not only does she use the strategies that other recruiters have come up with but she also uses her own strategies. While most other recruiters are focused on helping people in ways that have been tested and used often, Julie knows that it is important to be innovative in the world of executive banking.


Since Julie was in college, she had planned on working in the executive banking field. She also knew that she wanted to make an impact on the field so she did everything that she could to ensure that she would be successful. From taking courses in school to working long hours, Julie has dedicated herself to being the best that she can be in the banking world. Despite the fact that she is one of the only female recruiters in terms of major banks, she has done exceptionally better than most men who are in the position.


Starting out where she interned, at Hudson, Julie was able to feel comfortable with herself and the career she had chosen from the first hour that she worked as a professional. Since she had interned as a recruiter with Hudson, she knew the ins and outs of the company. She knew what they were looking for, how they hired people and exactly what they expected from all of their recruiters when looking for people to hire. This is what, ultimately, set Julie up to be one of the best recruiters and to be able to get exactly what she needed out of the people who she was hiring.


Even though Julie was very successful in the banking industry, she knew that her career would be hard to progress if she didn’t try something new. Since it was relatively similar to the banking world, Julie chose to work as an executive recruiter for the New York Life Insurance Company. While she performed well there and hired many great executives who are still working with the company, she found that it was not the perfect fit for her. She decided that a move back to the banking industry would be best for her.


The decision to go back to bank recruiting ended up being a positive one for Julie Zuckerberg. She was able to get a position with the Deutsche Bank and began working as a recruiter with them. There, she learned the right way to use the strategies that others had created. The Deutsche Bank also gave Julie the chance to work on her own terms and she developer her own strategies. This development process is one of the easiest ways that Zuckerberg is able to find the best recruits for the executive branch of the banking world in New York City.