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Andrew Alexander, the Man and Legend

With an illustrious film career-ending at SCTV, where is Andrew Alexander going to go next? Well, the answer is in the past. A man born in 1944 in London, England, was a child and spent the majority of his teen years in the late 50s and early 60s. He was enthralled by comedy and television, so he went to Ryerson University to study film. After fil school, in 1976, he started to produce, actin, and write film works. He continues to do so to this day. Being the CEO of SCTV has put in a lack of creativity, and upon stepping down, he gave up the spot for an underdog to take over, just like he had been throughout his career. Since he is no longer an underdog, what is he going to do next? He is going to keep doing what he’s done best.

In all other situations that didn’t look bright, he thrived. He is the driving force behind the underdog and will continue to make hilarious films and defy the big companies. He is fighting the good fight. Every time you turn around, he’s donating. He is a man with a talented eye for new comedians and actors. He also won a few awards in the process, and while doing so, running a company as the CEO. His creative work will live on, and he’s not done yet. Word is he’s got some new and Alexander-like works that he’s currently working on for people to see soon.

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