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Why Alejandro Betancourt Markets Products in the Local Market

When organizations want to get huge returns from the products they are producing and marketing to the community, most of them focus on the international market at the neglect of the local market. There has always been a perception that the local market does not produce sufficient funds and sales to keep the operations of the organization working. However, to those who know how Hawkers has been working under Alejandro Betancourt, local marketing has been essential.

Alejandro Betancourt is not a business leader who is very arrogant in his industrial approaches. That is why he has always been looking for some approaches that can easily help in changing how the company has been working in the market. Choosing the local market is seen by most people as the wrong strategy and operational technique that the organization should not be incorporating if it is looking to get success.

However, Alejandro Betancourt is not mostly focused on analyzing what most of the people in the community have been trying to say with regards to the operations of various organizations in the market. That is why he has been running Hawkers at his own discretion. Besides, he is an experienced business leader who already knows what he needs to make sure that the organization is always making some major profits in the changing business market.

The local market has been one of the major contributors to the success that Alejandro Betancourt has been able to enjoy in the market since Alejandro Betancourt took control of the company. Lopez believes that the company has to cultivate its success in the market by first having a base where it can easily control and influence its business activities. This is the main reason why operating in the local business environment has been an essential strategy in the success of his organization.